Melbourne is quite literally world-famous for its coffee. We're blessed not only with a lot of choice in the CBD but also some of the highest quality roasters and providers in Australia. You have to try fairly hard to find a bad cup around here. Here's some we recommend.



Dukes is a fantastic cafe and supplier just one block away from us here at Flinders Landing - down from the corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston street. They roast their own coffee daily on Loring Smart Roasters - one of the most technically advanced roasters in production. Not only do they spend a significant amount of time optimizing, profiling, testing and cupping each batch of coffee that comes through, they also work with suppliers that are ethically sourced and traced back to individual farms. The place is always busy and runs like a well-oiled machine. 


Gold Drops

Gold drops is a cozy Italian style Espresso bar just down from the corner of Russell St and Little Collins Street in Melbourne's CBD. They favour a 'natural' methodology for processing their coffee as opposed to the 'washed' methodology that is generally common. Ask one of the owners Ari, he's more than happy to drop some coffee knowledge and the results are amazing.

It's a sleek, elegant little space which suits for a takeaway or a longer stay. 


Chapter House Coffee

Chapter House Coffee is an adorable little cafe tucked away in the back end of St Paul's Cathedral on Flinders Lane - just a two minute walk away from us. Featuring a cozy interior, friendly staff and and a delightfully diverse lunch menu it's a great pit stop for breakfast or lunch. Make your friends jealous that you've found a hidden gem in Melbourne's CBD and try it out!